Wholistic Music

Beyond "just" another music studio.

At MMS, the complete philosophy and approach to instructing music as a whole instills the love of music by taking it beyond the individual discipline. Technique, pedagogy  and theory  elements provide the foundation to move forward in creating pure, flawless, and deeply felt beautiful music. By teaching confidence, building with enthusiasm, positivity, humor  and making learning fun, individuals will jump to embrace our methodology quickly realizing it brings results.

Music Instruction

Offering individualized instruction in Piano, Voice, Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, and Percussion.

General Music & Music Theory

Master classes and music lesson time dedicated to incorporating and teaching a strong foundation in the areas of general music and music theory.

Composition, Sight-reading & Ear-Training

At MMS, we incorporate music creating artistry, sight-reading and ear-training techniques into our lessons to further grow well-rounded musicians. 

Performance Coaching

Presenting, public speaking, theatrical, recital, audition, and parts of the performance guidance.

Private Lessons

Enrolling for private music lessons with the Mohan Music School will grow and develop your skills in the area of your chosen discipline resulting in a partnership ensuring complete satisfaction.

Master Classes

Offered at various times throughout the year, group master classes are an additional opportunity to observe, learn and collaborate with peers in a concentrated area of development.


Recitals, showcases and talent shows are encouraged as a way to demonstrate the completion of expectations for individual disciplines to promote the love of performing.


Driven individuals who desire to achieve performance beyond recitals receive preparation and support to apply and perform in competitions in New Jersey and the United States as well as guidance through various exams. Proficiency assessments are provided upon request.

Let's Play and Grow Together!

Free Trial Class

Meet the instructors and receive a complimentary evaluation, with a course of action offered to further your skills.

Online Tuition

MMS gives a convenient, simple solution to payment arrangements.
Statements are sent in 4 session increments. 


Understanding the market and offering a competitive rate is a priority to bring affordable instruction to the greater New York/North New Jersey area. 


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